I will write on three areas of interest, the current political situation and the opportunities for new approaches to governance, economics and grass roots empowerment by application of Neo Humanism and the Progressive Utilization Theory. Second I will discuss ways in which the readers can acquire unlimited access to inner calm, inner wisdom and a fountain of positivity. Third will be a forum where anyone can ask questions and get answers. So these are the three focus areas of the blog.

The source of my writing comes from guidance accessed at a deep level of consciousness. I have been practicing this inner sourced writing or Illuminations since 1994 when I first turned on my brand new laptop and wrote the words “I am available.” I received guidance from a number of sources but after some I have chosen to listen to one voice only, that of my teacher and guide and the illuminations one may now read should be understood as an interaction between two beings, one corporal and one no longer in physical form.